Sunday, April 10, 2011


These are some sketches I did recently inside my sketchbook. I use brown ink to do most of my sketches now, because I am trying to get better with lines and force myself to be confident when drawing. Ink is the best medium to force yourself to get better because it unforgiving. I combine all the sketches, so my post doesn’t run down to the pages.

The second and last page is obvious that I put different sketches next to each other. The first one is actually a composite of three sketches. The tree, street light, and the building (The buildings is actually two different buildings that was drawn in the same page inside my sketchbook. I accidentally merge the two building because I drew them too close to each other.)

The documentary class I have is very fun. I get to go different places and drawing on site really give a different feeling to my drawings, compare to the model studies I get in class. The models studies in class are often stiff and “Posey“, however on site, the people are constantly moving, so you drawing also reflect the life in them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

IF: Toy- Ballerina Doll

I had just finished this painting. It was perfect for this week’s IF topic. This is a self-generated project. The painting is about a ballerina doll that possessed human emotions. She is upset because she couldn’t dance unless someone wind her up. She is sitting in front of this hand-size mirror. Beside the reflection on the mirror, I want to show through the body language that she is unhappy. To show the size different, i add probs like buttons, marbles, and a huge teddy bear. The teddy bear also have emotion, he also had a sad expression.

Size: 12"x16"

Digital: CS5 Photoshop

Friday, March 25, 2011

Life Drawings

The same model that has the awesome costumes and hair. This class really give me the opportunity to just draw and relax.

Medium: heavyweight rough vellum paper and graphite pencil

Friday, March 18, 2011

Life Drawings

Continue on the life drawings post. I use heavyweight rough vellum paper and graphite pencil to do these drawing. I usually use mechanical pencil to quickly and roughly measure out the proportion and the movement of the figure. Then I go over the line with the graphite pencil. I am still working on the values and the feature of the faces.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life Drawings

These two are some of my life drawings from one of my class. They are 20 mins long. The model had on an amazing costume. She wore a cape, Lolita dress, holding an umbrella, and had amazing curly golden locks. You probably would not see all that in these drawing but I hope I can get better at contrast, value and the anatomy figure.

…more coming!